Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Rubin Carter‌Civil Rights Activist and Former Champion Boxer

‌Thursday, March 24, 2011
A300 Auditorium

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a formidable boxer who had won the European Light Welterweight Championship for two years in a row when his promising career was cut short. In 1966, he was falsely arrested for the murder of three white people in a bar. Sentenced to a triple life-sentence, Carter always maintained his innocence. Subjected to a nineteen-year travesty of justice, he was finally set free in 1985 by a federal court. His story was immortalized in a Bob Dylan song and made into a Hollywood movie starring Denzel Washington. Carter has chronicled his own life in two books, The Sixteenth Round, and 2011’s Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom. He now devotes much of his time to speaking out on behalf of the wrongly convicted.