At this time, classes will not meet face-to-face on campus and are only being conducted remotely, online live, via a video conferencing platform.

They will meet remotely during the scheduled times listed. Course materials will be online.

SHRM Essentials of HR ManagementBSN-124AE

This course offering a comprehensive overview of human resource roles and responsibilities. It gives participants critical knowledge to help reduce potentially costly lawsuits and improves their ability to handle challenging HR issues. This course is ideal for those who are just starting out in the human resources profession or those who are looking for an effective way to boost their employee management skills. The course addresses six key human resource management subjects in a user-friendly format designed to give an effective learning experience: Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Development, and Performance Management. As part of the tuition, each participant receives a reference book during the first class. Additionally, participants receive access to online tools to support their studies. Course Length: 5 Weeks with each session being three hours in duration.

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
BSN-124AE-H1Apr 6 - May 25
Wednesday at 6-8 p.m.
RemoteKathleen Enright$465

Real Estate SalesWCE-473E

Online Course:

Monday & Wednesday 6:00 PM - 9:00PM

This 40-hour class prepares participants to take the Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson’s Examination. Students who successfully complete this class will receive the certification required to sit for the examination. Attendance at every class is required. Book cost is separate. Please follow the instructions below to buy your book.

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
WCE-473E-M1Mar 21 - May 4
Monday, Wednesday at 6-9 p.m.
RemoteDavid Ceruolo$365

Book Ordering Instructions for Pre-License Real Estate Sales (WCE-473E)

Book cost is separate and can be purchased at the bookstore online or by phone. If you purchase your text by phone, your materials will be shipped to you free of charge. 

If you order the book online, shipping charges apply and you bear the cost of shipping. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover. Please visit

  • Under Shop By Course, click Enter Courses. Select the appropriate term.
  • In the Department field, make your selection.
  • In the Select Course field, choose the course number.
  • In the Section field, choose the appropriate section.
  • Then click "Find Materials for (1) Course" box.
  • Order your book.

If you need assistance, please call the BHCC Bookstore at 617-228-2304.

 Real Estate Sales Student Testimonials

"David delivered and educated me on the fundamentals of Real Estate. I feel that with some additional reading and studying on my own that I'm ready to take the exam because of him. I'm glad I took this class and will recommend it to others."

"This course definitely exceeded my expectations, the course was easy to follow and broken down by David who kept everything organized and kept us on track in order to follow the material and explained everything in depth. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a real estate license."

"I'm ready to take the test and i feel like with the online videos and the way Dave teaches it’s so much easier".

"This class exceeded my expectations. Professor Ceruolo provided in depth knowledge of the content, shared various resources and provided real life examples of issues relating to real estate. "

 Real Estate Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining a real estate license will offer you the option of supplementing, enhancing or replacing your current career.  The Real Estate market is dynamic and ever changing. A Real Estate License will allow you to engage in and profit from that action. In this course, you will master the material necessary to pass the Real Estate Salesperson Licensure Exam.

The course is right for anyone interested in assisting in the sales, purchases and leasing of real estate as a profession. You do not need any prior knowledge.

You pay the tuition as required by the college to participate plus the cost of the book. There are additional fees to sit for the Real Estate Salesperson Examination and licensure – those fees are charged by the State of Massachusetts in order to receive and hold your license.

Yes, the real estate market is extremely active.

You able to become employed by a real estate office or property management company.

While it is possible to hold a position as a part-time job, this is a customer service position. This option may be difficult, as your clients will expect you to be available when they are available.

Yes. However, the Real Estate Salesperson Test is administered in two parts – State specific and National. Many states offer reciprocity. This means that, once you have passed the National portion of the exam, you may only be required to sit for the State portion of the exam, once you move.

You will learn a foundation of real estate concepts necessary for the Real Estate Salesperson exam and your future practice.

You will receive approximately 3 hours of homework weekly, in addition to class time.

In most instances, real estate brokers teach the Real Estate Sales courses. However, what is unique about this course offered through Bunker Hill Community College is that it is taught by a knowledgeable Massachusetts Real Estate attorney. Esquire David A. Ceruolo, a real estate expert with 23 years of practice experience, is also able to adeptly address the legal issues and questions that inevitably comes up during classes. There isn’t much that he hasn’t seen!

No current courses.

 Bartending, TiPS, Combo Package, and Mixology Courses

Bartending, TiPS, Combo Package, and Mixology courses are conducted face-to-face at the Drinkmaster Bartending School. Students must wear masks and the school sanitizes the facilities before and after each class.

Hands-on Bartending CourseWCE-301E

Course Description: Designed for anyone interested in getting a bartending job. No prior experience necessary. Students get hands-on training by industry experts in an authentic, simulated bar set-up environment. Hands-on training behind an authentic bar provides students with a solid foundation of practical knowledge and skills required to start working in the industry. This course is also popular for hospitality majors and industry managers who become more effective at hiring and managing in any establishment serving alcohol.

Bartending Manual: $10 (students will buy the book on the first day of class)

Duration: One Week or 2-weekend option, 20 hours

Location: The DrinkMaster School, 45 Bromfield Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 02108

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
WCE-301E-F5Dec 13 - Dec 17
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Drinkmaster Bartending SchoolTBA$289

TiPS Alcohol Liability CertificationWCE-302E

If you are a bartender, barback, server, or bar manager in the state of Massachusetts, this program is for you. The TIPS Alcohol Certification Course is mandated for servers and sellers of alcohol by most employers, cities, and insurance carriers in the state of Massachusetts. TiPS Alcohol Training Course Is Approved In All 50 States. This course will help reduce liability risk exposure.

TiPS manual: $17 (students will buy the book on the first day of class)

Location: The DrinkMaster School, 45 Bromfield Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 02108

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
WCE-302E-F5December 7 (one-day)
Tuesday at 2-5:30 p.m.
Drinkmaster Bartending SchoolTBA$79

COMBO Package (TIPS + Hands-on Bartending Class)WCE-303E

Get your best deal by enrolling in our combo package! Take the one-day TiPS course followed by the one-week Hands-On Bartending course. TiPS is designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, drunk driving, and teaches strategies that ensure responsible alcohol service and consumption. The one-week Hands-On Bartending course runs the entire week , Monday – Friday, following the TiPS course on Sat. Designed for anyone interested in getting a bartending job, students get hands-on training by industry experts in an authentic, simulated bar set-up environment.

Location: The DrinkMaster Bartending School, 45 Bromfield Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 02108.

Manuals: $27 (students will buy the books on the first day of class).

TIPS Schedule: 2:00PM to 6:00PM (First week of the class, Tuesday only)

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
WCE-303E-F5Dec 7 - Dec 17
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri at 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
and Tuesday at 2-5:30 p.m.
Drinkmaster Bartending SchoolTBA$345