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Halting Oppressive Pathways through Education (HOPE)

HOPE Initiative

The HOPE Initiative at BHCC is physically closed at this time; however, many of our resources and services are still available. Our team is available to work with students, faculty, and staff. Please contact us via email at hope@bhcc.edu

The HOPE initiative is designed to examine and eliminate the social, institutional, and academic barriers that often prevent males of color from achieving their full potential at BHCC and beyond. This asset-based, student-centered initiative is run by a group of faculty, staff, and students focused on three main areas: qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and dissemination; assessing and addressing gaps in College programs and services; and affinity-based mentoring.

Currently aimed at transforming inequitable systems and structures so that Black and Latino males can thrive, the program aims to expand in the coming years to include other ethnic groups and women.

Some current initiatives include:

  • Thinking Day Series
    • Faculty, Staff, and administrators at the College will meet REMOTELY to discuss strategies for dismantling barriers to success on campus and in the Greater Boston community. Participants review literature, data and high-impact practices and brainstorm action steps for expanding and deepening work in this area. If you are interested in collaborating for these think days, please email hope@bhcc.edu.
    • The group will continue with the Black Minds Matter course and viewing sessions via remote as well; interested participants can also email hope@bhcc.edu
  • Dialogue Series
    • Similar to the Think Days and Black Minds Matter Course, these dialogues will continue remotely. Aimed to gather input from males of color about their experiences and needs at BHCC, the series strives to establish responsive, rather than proscriptive, programs and services and create affinity space as a resource for students. For additional information or to attend a dialogue series session, please contact dialogue@bhcc.edu.

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