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Learning Community Seminar Offerings

The Learning Community Seminar for First Year Students (LCS101) is a three-credit course designed to help incoming students make a successful transition to college. The Seminar provides a student-centered, active learning environment that maximizes academic and personal growth. Students develop competencies in 6 areas: reflection and career exploration; goal setting and problem solving; critical thinking and information literacy; communication skills; diversity and team work; and community engagement. Faculty design Seminar topics based on student programs of study and interests. Students may choose a section based on their major or a topic of interest.

Each Seminar section is supported by a designated Success Coach and ACE Peer Mentor. The Success Coach collaborates with Seminar instructors and assists students with setting short and long-term goals, educational planning and career exploration. Peer Mentors embedded in the Seminars help new students adjust to the College’s academic and social environment and serve as model learners, peer teachers and study group facilitators.