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Public Records

As of January 1, 2017 a new public records law took effect in Massachusetts. You can access information about the new law on the Secretary of State’s website.

In compliance with this law, Bunker Hill Community College maintains the following public records:

Board of Trustees Meetings

Minutes of the Board of Trustees open meetings can be found on the Board of Trustees page.

College Policies

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Statement

Sexual Harassment Guidelines

Guidelines Concerning Sexual Violence

Student Guide to Title IX

Faculty & Staff Guide to Title IX

Sexual Violence - Victim's Rights and Information


FY13 BHCC Final Budget

FY16 BHCC Final Budget

FY18 BHCC Final Budget

FY19 BHCC Final Budget

FY20 BHCC Final Budget

Bids and RFPs

Student Central Video Wall Bid

On-Site Cafeteria, Food Cart and Catering Services


Empire Cleaning proposal

Food Service

FMM proposal

RFP BHCC Shuttle Service - BHCC 716 Complete


Audit Reports

Audit Report FY 2014 Part 1

Audit Report FY 2014 Part 2

Audit Report FY 2015

Audit Report FY 2016 

Audit Report FY 2017

Audit Report FY 2018

Audit Report FY 2019

Audit Report FY 2020

Audit Report FY 2021

Institutional Reports—IPEDS

College Navigator Report for Bunker Hill Community College


Speaker Series 2014
Speaker Series 2015
Speaker Series 2016
Speaker Series 2017
Speaker Series 2018


Salaries for employees at BHCC are found at the Mass.gov CTHRU site.

Facility Information

DCAMM Inventory of Assignable Space-BHCC



Vendor/Purchase Order Information

Purchase Order Info 12-15-20 to 5-3-21

Purchase Order Info 9-14-20 to 12-15-20

Purchase Order Info 1-16-20 to 9-14-20

Purchase Order Info 10-19-19 to 1-16-20

Vendor PO Info. 10/19/19 to 1/15/20

Triumvirate Vendor Activity FY01-19

Utility Bill Information Jan 2019 to Dec 2019

Purchase Order Info 6-28-19 to 10-9-19

Purchase Order Info 4-3-19 to 7-8-19

Purchase Order Info 1-23-18 to 5-10-18

Purchase Order Info 5-22-18 to 8-23-18

Purchase Order Info 8-21-18 to 12-18-18

PO1Software Purchase 12-13-15 to 5-9-16

PO2Software Purchase 12-13-15 to 5-9-16


How to Request Public Records

If the records you are searching for are not available on this site, you can request those records by submitting this public records request form. Public records requests are managed by the Office of Administration and Finance, Vice President and Records Access Officer, John K. Pitcher. Any questions, contact Kali Cofield, Executive Assistant at krcofiel@bhcc.edu / (617) 228-2452.