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Online Winter Session 2022

Complete a course in 3 weeks!

With BHCC’s accelerated Online Winter Session you can complete a college course from start to finish in just over three weeks. Whether you’re a current BHCC student or currently enrolled at another college or university, these cost-effective courses are a great way to stay on track with your degree.

Winter Session courses are web-based with no scheduled face-to-face or virtual meetings. Course materials are fully online and students complete coursework according to a syllabus provided by the instructor.

Online Winter Session 2022 is January 3 – 23, 2022

Registration begins on October 25.

Winter Session 2021 Calendar

January 4 Winter session classes begin
January 6 Last day for schedule adjustment (add/drop) – Winter session
January 15 Last day to withdraw with “W” grades – Winter session
January 24 Winter session classes end

 Winter Session Courses

ACC-102 Prin of Accounting II (3 Credits)

This course will expand upon the basic concepts and theories that students learned in the Principles of Accounting I course. Students will be expected to apply their knowledge in a managerial decision-making mode. Areas studied include, but are not limited to, the following: examine long-term assets and liabilities; financial statement analysis; transactions unique to the corporate business structure; bonds payable; planning and controlling using master budgets and cost behavior recognition utilizing cost-volume analysis, as well as gaining exposure to accounting for manufacturers. Prerequisite: Principles of Accounting I (ACC101).

Requisites: ACC-101 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

CIT-162 CISCO Networking I (3 Credits)

This course introduces the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet and other computer networks. The principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations are introduced to provide a foundation for the curriculum. By the end of the course, students will be able to build simple LANs, perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes. Prerequisite: Reading Skills II (RDG095) or Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Integrated ELL Level 3 (ELL-103) or placement. For additional information contact CITDepartment@bhcc..edu

Requisites: RDG095 or ESL098 or ELL-103 or ENG-111 or ENG-112 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

CMT-111 HTML5 (3 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to teach the student the principles and concepts of designing and creating WEB pages in an HTML5 format. The course is designed to expose the student to the constructs of HTML5 tags and the responsive design techniques for page banners, images, tables, navigation menus, in-page articles, and footer sections that are available with the advent of HTML5. Additionally the course will teach the student the utilization of dynamic graphics, lists, and background image control. Also included will be content created in Photoshop for the purpose of inclusion as a stand-alone image or as a background image in a web site. The course will explore the requirements, tools and controls used in WEB page development by lecture, in-class practical exercises, and home study exercises.

Requisites: CMT125 for the A.S. Web Development Option - Recommended to be taken either prior to or at the same time as this course, but is not required.

CSC-125 Python Programming (3 Credits)

This is an introductory course designed for any student interested in learning computer programming concepts and hands on computational thinking, all in the context of the Python programming language. No prior experience in programming is necessary. Students will use their own problem solving abilities to implement programs in Python. This course will show the student how to create basic programming structures including decisions and loops. Further, students will explore unique Python data structures such as tuples and dictionaries. Students will also learn to perform basic debugging techniques. At the end of this course, the student will have learned enough concepts in computer science and programming to be able to write Python programs to solve problems on their own. This course will prepare the student to move on to the Advanced Python Programming course. Pre-requisite: Applications and Concepts (CIT110) or IT Problem Solving (CIT113) or Intro to Computer Science and Object Oriented Programming (CIT120) or Maya Foundations (CMT121) or permission of the Department Chair. All prerequisites must be completed with a C or better. For additional information and/or a course syllabus contact CITDepartment@bhcc..edu.

Requisites: C or better in CIT-110, CIT-113, CSC-120, OR CMT-121. - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

CSC-131 Intro to Creating Mobile Apps (3 Credits)

This course is designed for individuals with no experience with programming languages or previous experience creating mobile applications. The course uses a graphical-user interface blocks editor for students to build their own Android based mobile apps. The course offers reading about the editor and basic programming concepts, tutorial walk through assignments within the editor, and assessments which require students to build unique apps based on the tutorials so that they can demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of what they have learned. Specific programming concepts covered include design logic, programming conditions, variables, procedures, branching and looping. Specific app functionality covered includes sprite animation, multiple screens, and integration with device sensors, texting, databases, video, and other web APIs. Prerequisites: Writing Skills I (ENG090) and Reading Skills I (RDG090) or placement.

Requisites: Take RDG-090 or Higher and ENG-090 or Higher. - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

ECO-201 Macroeconomics (3 Credits)

This course covers an introduction to the American economy. Topics include: scarcity, opportunity cost and the production possibility curve, unemployment, inflation, GDP and related aggregates, economic growth, classical Keynesian models of income and employment determination, government policies for full employment and price stability, and money and the banking system. This course satisfies the College's General Education requirement for Community and Cultural Contexts. Prerequisites: Foundations of Algebra (MAT097) or Pre-Statistics (MAT098) and Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement.

Requisites: MAT097 or MAT098 and RDG095 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

ENG-111 College Writing I (3 Credits)

This course emphasizes writing as a process, from planning and drafting through revising and editing. Using personal experience, readings, and other sources, students write unified, coherent, well-developed essays and practice paraphrasing, summarizing, and using sources responsibly. To be eligible to take College Writing II (ENG112), students must earn a grade of C or better for this course. The course meets General Education requirement "Academic Discourse". Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Writing Skills II (ENG095) and Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement.

Requisites: Complete ENG-095 and either ESL-098 or RDG-095 with a grade of C or better - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

ENG-112 College Writing II (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the research paper, the longer essay, argumentation, critical writing, and reading. The course satisfies the College's General Education requirement for Research Writing. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in College Writing I (ENG-111).

Requisites: ENG111 with a grade of C or better - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

FIN-112 Personal Finance (3 Credits)

An overview of personal financial planning, this course covers the following topics: the intelligent use of consumer credit, budgets, banking, the time value of money, investments, insurance, retirement, and other long-term planning and their tax ramifications. It is intended for students at all levels and for all programs of study.

Requisites: None

LIT-204 Lit in America II (3 Credits)

This course analyzes the crises of the nation from the Civil War through the twentieth century, as shown through its literature. The course examines the themes of progress, materialism, alienation, and corruption against the yardstick of opportunity, heroism, and individualism, which represent the traditional American dream. The course includes works representative of the ethnic and racial diversity of American culture. This course meets the General Education requirement for Creative Work. Pre/corequisite: College Writing I (ENG-111).

Requisites: Complete ENG-111 or any LIT course earning a minimum grade of C. ENG-111 may be taken as a co-requisite. - Must be taken either prior to or at the same time as this course.

MAT-099 Intermediate Algebra (3 Credits)

This course is a continuation of Foundations of Algebra (MAT-097). Topics in this course include polynomial arithmetic, introduction to functions, factoring, roots and radicals, rational expressions, absolute value inequalities, quadratic equations and the quadratic formula, and solving applied problems. This course does not satisfy degree requirements. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Foundations of Algebra (MAT-097) or placement. Course may require an additional lab hour.

Requisites: Complete MAT-097 or higher (Excluding MAT-098, MAT-100 and MAT-133) earning a grade of C or higher. - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

PSY-101 Prin of Psychology (3 Credits)

This introductory psychology course covers a survey of information and theory. Topics include the brain and behavior, research methods, learning, consciousness, motivation, emotion, human growth and development, personality, abnormal behavior, and psychotherapy, social cognition and understanding. The course meets Community and Cultural Context requirement. Prerequisite: Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Reading Skills II (RDG095) or co-enrollment in integrated courses, or exemption by placement testing

Requisites: Complete ESL-098 or ELL-103 or RDG-095 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

SOC-101 Prin of Sociology (3 Credits)

This course covers an introduction to the concepts and theories of society and social institutions. The course meets The course meets Community and Cultural Context requirement. Prerequisite: Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Reading Skills II (RDG095) or co-enrollment in integrated courses or exemption from reading requirement by placement testing.

Requisites: ESL-098 or ELL-103 or RDG-095 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.